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Almost half U.S. online sales are now made via a mobile device.14

Mobile commerce (customers using smartphones and tablet devices to shop online) is growing so rapidly Mobile Apps Top Mobile Webthat many retailers—small businesses as well as international enterprises—are now thinking “mobile first” for all of their online activity.

U.S. online retail sales were worth $341.7 billion in 201514 and, while total online sales grew by 14.6%, sales via a mobile device grew by 25%.15 Finally, 45% of people use their mobile device to make purchases.16

Having a mobile commerce capability is clearly no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a retail business necessity.

But, should you aim for the rich functionality of a dedicated, native app or are you better off building a really great, mobile-optimized website?

The data can seem contradictory. In recent research, Flurry Analytics found that of the time people spent on their mobile devices, only 10% is spent using the web browser; the other 90% is spent within apps.17

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